Team Sybian Race with Kimmy and Star vs. Bailey and Dakota

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Its Tall vs. Short in this 2-on-2 team game. Petite Dakota and Bailey face off against lanky Star and new girl Kimmy. Its a Sybian race, as two girls try to resist being forced to orgasm while the other two try to drive them over the edge. Heres how it works.

First, each team does a quick rock-paper-scissors to determine who will be the Rider and who will be the Controller. Then the Riders are stripped naked by their teammates and mount the Sybians, while each Controller takes the controls of the other teams Rider and tries to make her cum.

Both Riders are confident that they can resist. One boasts that she can take a big black dick and that therefore that the Sybians relatively small probe will have little effect on her. The Controllers play with the Riders bodies while they ride, trying to turn them on even more while the Riders resist. One of the Controllers exposes her tits to her Rider, hoping theyll excite her and increase her arousal. A Rider avers that shes not feeling anything, clearly lying. Her Controller forces her body down on the Sybian so her clit is getting fully stimulated. The two Sybians get awfully loud. Despite both Riders best efforts not to cum, after about 15 minutes new girl cant take it anymore and succumbs. It was a hard fought battle. The winner is drenched with sweat and cant feel her clit afterward, and the loser can barely see.

And there are consequences for the losers. The losing Controller has to strip, joining her teammate in nudity. (This isnt that big a deal, though, since the winning Controller doesnt want to feel left out so she gets naked too.) Then the losers have to play with our newest toy: a strapless strap-on, if that makes any sense. Its a dildo thats held in place by a prong inserted into the wearers pussy. The losing Controller wears it, and, not happy with her teammates inability to hold in her orgasm, takes her anger out on her with a not very gentle fucking. The winners banter and enjoy the show as the losers fuck doggie style, then the winners insist that they switch to missionary so they can see the losers tits bounce. Then, her overstimulated pussy still tingling from the Sybian and getting relentlessly pounded, the losing Rider cant help but cum again while the winners applaud. The winning Controller finds it super-hot and ends up soaking wet from the show.