Strip Darts with Catherine and Isobel

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Two veterans square off against each other for the first time. Catherine, vivacious redhead whose first appearance was in Episode 189 challenges Isobel, who debuted all the way back in Episode 096. The game is Strip Darts, where each girl throws three darts and whoever gets the lower score has to strip. The girls have cards representing each article of their clothing, and the loser has to draw a card to determine what she must take off.

These are two of our smartest girls, and theres lots of banter as they get into it. As it turns out, Isobel has never played darts before, but shes got a knack for it and makes a contest of it. She tries talking to the darts and flirting with them to get them to cooperate. When this doesnt work, she at first thinks theyre gay darts, immune to her charm, but then realizes that they must be super-heterosexual darts who really want to see her naked. Her hair has grown even longer since weve seen her last and now reaches her ass. She tries to use that long hair to cover her exposed chest, but Catherine is having none of it.

The loser is strapped into our St. Andrews Cross, and then the winner gets to use some new toys on her: little suction cups with a screw-actuated vacuums. First one goes on each nipple, and then the third goes right on the losers exposed clit, making all three swollen and extremely sensitive. Then the winner gets out a glass dildo and fucks her with it. The suction cup falls off the losers clit, making it even more sensitive, which the winner takes advantage of by teasing it mercilessly and driving the loser to a massive orgasm that makes her slump in her restraints, thighs trembling.

Spot the Weird Science reference. God damn, do I love geeky girls.