Battlestrip with Julie and Vince

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In a way, this video was over three years in the making.

It was that long ago that I first met Julie. At the time, she was a shy little slip of a girl who was too modest even to open her legs on camera. Since then, I've been patiently and methodically working on her, gradually leading her astray until she finally did open her legs on camera, then got vibrated to orgasm, then took a strap-on in the shower, all of it culminating in today's episode.

Julie, who looks more and more like a wood sprite each time I see her, faces off against Vince, last seen beardless and dealing blackjack in episode 207, to play the new version of Battlestrip (featuring a hex-grid board, nonlinear ships, and an extra "captured man" piece which is great for making people continue to play when naked), while Julie's three friends Sammy, Mika, and new girl Leilani watch with interest. If Julie wins, Vince is in trouble: he has to masturbate while Julie and her three giggling friends enjoy the show. But if Vince wins, the friends have to strip down naked and masturbate in front of him, while Julie pays off her penalty with a blowjob. Yes, a blowjob. From Julie. Don't ask how I did it, 'cuz I'm still not sure. Maybe it was that leprechaun I found.

This game, by the way, was played completely fairly. Two radically different potential outcomes, and the game was not rigged, fixed, or slanted in any way.

Just so nobody is disappointed, here are a couple of disclaimers. First, Vince is a regular guy who is not accustomed to working his junk for an audience. He warned me before we got started that either way the game turned out, he'd do his best but he doubted he'd be able to provide the money shot. He wasn't, so don't look for it.