Strip Tossticles with Dakota, Bailey, Addie, Tobi, and Kevin

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This was a new game, Tossticles, in which the players try to lob some bolas over a stand to score points. They had to keep at least part of their bodies touching the opposite wall while they threw, which made for some interesting poses as they experimented. The girls were only allowed to wear three pieces of clothing each. It was kind of interesting to see who went braless and who went commando. The girls were out of the game when they lost all their clothes and didn’t get to keep playing while naked. Even so, the game lasted 36 minutes.

But they were 36 pretty entertaining minutes. These girls fed off each other’s energy and got pretty wild. They pay a lot of attention to each other’s feet, sniffing them and rubbing them together. Bailey even manages to get a score of 40 while sniffing Addie’s feet.

The forfeit, while awesome, didn’t quite go as planned. While in theory Kevin got to use the losers however he wanted, in reality all four of these girls are extremely strong-willed women, not easily controlled.

There are other fun activities, like the three-way blowjob, although see above re. strong-willed women. Then Kevin takes turns doing two of the losers doggie-style while they simultaneously go down on the third. There’s much debate about where he’ll put the load from his freakishly large testicles, but in the end, he sprays it all over....