Strip Darts with Lela and Dakota

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Here we have two more girls playing Strip Darts to find out which of them gets strapped to the St. Andrews Cross and made a plaything for the winner. The delectable, dark-haired, delightful, diminutive Dakota is back for the first of four consecutive episodes featuring her, this time with spunky hottie Lela. The winner of each round gets to choose an item of clothing to strip from the loser. Its a hard-fought battle featuring some impressive comebacks, but at the end of the 13-minute game.

Then the loser is strapped to the cross while the winner has her way using a wand massager. The loser is embarrassed to be tied spread-eagle for all to see, but honestly doesnt seem to mind the vibing that much. The winner doesnt raise the losers wrists high enough on the cross, giving her some leeway to squirm and slouch. The losers clit gets super-sensitive until, with a cry of ! !! she audibly squirts. The winner is taken completely by surprise but is delighted. This doesnt stop her from continuing to torment the poor exhausted loser with the vibe for while longer.