Strip Ring Toss with Bailey and Dakota (ft. Star and Kimmy)

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Kimmy wastes no time putting in her strap-on and making the loser get on all fours with her ass way up in the air for a good doggie-style railing. Star tries to lend a hand, but Kimmy definitely knows what shes doing, and from the very beginning the loser is driven wild by the pounding. She kicks her feet as Kimmy holds her hair while she pumps away. By now, the loser is turned on to the point of frenzy, and when Kimmy makes her squat on the dildo, she thrusts frantically and rubs her own clit. Things take a turn for the kinky as Kimmy dominates the loser, plays rough, calls her names, slaps her tits, spits on her pussy, and chokes her. It gets so vigorous that Kimmy starts getting turned on from the strapless strap-ons prong moving inside her. The loser is literally fucked sideways, and ends up squirting all over the floor. (Unfortunately the cameras dont get a great look at this, but the girls sure do, and they cheer and applaud.)