Strip Pod Stomp with Dakota and Brad

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The game is Pod Stomp, and it starts with Dakota giving an unnecessary and not very helpful explanation of the rules before they get down to business. Dakota is about as bad at Pod Stomp as she is at explaining rules, and she gets off to a very bad start before she switches to distraction tactics, using her increasingly exposed body to lure Brads attention away from the game.

The loser has to decorate their fun-bits with stickers and googly-eyes and put on an embarrassing puppet show/ventriloquism act. While it wasnt originally part of the plan, it occurred to me that the folks across the hall whod enjoyed Brads humiliation might enjoy this show as well, so you can barely hear me poking my head in their room and asking, Hey guys, wanna see something cool? They did, and so our loser wound up with a bit of an audience for their performance.

(Please note: it was a bit noisy outside while we were filming this, and some of that extra noise was picked up by our microphones.)