Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Crystal, Kimmy, Kym, and Scarlett

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Featuring a fantastic foursome of foxy females! Relative newcomer Kimmy is back for her third appearance along with two total newbies: a slender redhead and an extremely voluptuous bleached blonde. Scarlett is the blonde and Crystal is the redhead, which had me confused for a bit, but thats the way it is. Joining them is veteran Kym. Kym is one of those special players like Ashley or Candle or Tobi who inspires the other players with her energy. As a result, this is a very enthusiastic group. Thanks, Kym!

The game is Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors, played Queen of the Hill style. The girls line up and the two at the front play a round. The loser strips, twirls, and goes to the back of the line, while the winner sticks around to face the next player. Three of the girls have really large breasts, so the fourth girl gets pretty self-conscious when she loses her bra and has to reveal her more modest charms.

The penalty in store for the loser? First, the winners attach cuffs to her ankles and wrists, and then shes tied down spread-eagle on a bed, and the other three get to play with her restrained body however theyd like. They obviously cant resist tickling her, and as it happens the loser is very ticklish. Shes one of those girls who involuntarily snorts when she laughs too hard, something I find extremely cute, especially when the girl is embarrassed by it. Then, as one winner sits on the losers face, out comes the vibrator. The winners gave the loser a little too much slack in the bonds securing her limbs, so shes able to squirm and wriggle. The winners solve this problem by all ganging up to hold her and sit on her to keep her down, and a good thing, too, since the loser bucks like a wild bronco when the vibe is applied to her exposed, vulnerable, and spread pussy.