Strip on Spades with Bob, Kimmy, Lilly, and Savannah

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The stakes are high in this four-player game of Strip on Spades. If you aren't familiar with the rules: the players take turns drawing cards. Drawing a spade means they have to take something off, drawing a heart means they get to tell another player to take something off, drawing a club or diamond means they're safe. Our players today include Kimmy,a relative newcomer, and Savannah. Joining them today is Bob and Lilly making her first appearance, and we picked a doozy of a game to break her in. No easing in here: the two losers must submit to the two winners, who get to use their bodies however they'd like, no holds barred.

As the game progresses, some tiny thongs are revealed, along with a lot of bare skin. Bob started this game at a disadvantage, since he didn't have a bra and didn't put on an alternate fourth piece of clothing, but he tried his best.

After making the losers get on all fours and delivering a whole lot of rapid-fire spanks, the winners strip off their bottoms and sit on the losers' faces. Both losers get their genitals teased with the wand vibrator.