Strip Splotzee with Ginger and Penny

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Penny is back! This tall goddess is one of my favorites, and shes breaking in a new girl: Ginger, with her straight red hair and her large, beautiful natural tits. Theyre here to play a new game we came up with, Splotzee. Its fast-paced and tense, but it makes the players concentrate (so they dont banter much during the game) and look down (so we dont see much of their faces), so Im not sure how well it worked.The way it works is that each girl has ten six-sided dice, and they simultaneously roll them all. They can then pick up any of their dice and roll them again, and keep doing it. The winner is the first one whose dice all show the same number.

The winner of each round gets to choose what the loser takes off, and the two girls took two different stripping strategies. One girl went right for the gusto, first taking her opponents bottoms and then her panties, exposing her bare pussy. The other went for maximum skin area exposure, stripping her opponent of her outer clothes and leaving her in just her bra and panties. More clothes come off after that, and after a 9-minute game.

We tried something new with the forfeit, too. In the past, weve strapped a bunch of hapless losers to our new and awesome St. Andrews Cross for the winner to play with, but this time, to loser goes on the cross backward, facing towards the cross instead of away from it, Not only does this provide a new angle, it presents the losers ass helplessly to the winners mercy, exposing it to spanks. To facilitate this, we gave the winner a paddle to use on the loser. And we gave her a wand massager too, because why not?

It turns out that this winner was very spank-happy. Honestly, I dont think weve seen this many ass-slaps here before. The losers generous derriere jiggles as the winner delivers over a hundred slaps and swats. (After the first 52, she removes her panties and makes the winner wear them on her head.) Then the winner remembers the vibrator. She teases the losers pussy from behind while continuing to slap her ass. She takes away the vibe just as the loser is starting to moan, leaving her hanging from the cross with trembling legs. After taunting her, the winner puts the vibe back and forces the loser to a humiliating bound orgasm. A few post-orgasm spanks later, the winner walks off, leaving the loser hanging from the cross with a red ass and a sore pussy.