Strip Pod Stomp with Crystal, Kimmy, Kym, and Scarlett

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I keep going back and forth on whether or not Pod Stomp is a good game to use with four players. It tends to take awhile but with fun-loving and enthusiastic players, it can be a lot of fun, like it was here. They dont get much more fun-loving and enthusiastic than Kym, and all the players get excited. Lots of bouncing. At one point, theyre laughing so hard they cant hear one girls score, so they assume it was a tie. It wasnt.

To speed the game up a bit (and make it more visually appeaing in other ways), the players are dressed in stylish T-shirts with no bras underneath. The winner of each round gets to strip an article of clothing from the loser, and with a whole bunch of tits swinging free underneath the T-shirts, you just know thats where theyre going to start. I love watching topless girls play this game. I love watching naked girls play this game even more, and as the clothes keep coming off, thats what we get. One winner triumphantly wears a naked losers thong on her head as a trophy.

As the game draws to a close, the losers are to suffer the penalty, as the winners gleefully step into strap-ons to mete out the punishment.

They start by forcing the losers to their knees and making them give humiliating blowjobs to their artificial cocks. Then, the preamble out of the way, one winner bends her loser in half and fucks her on her back with her knees on her chest while the other winner goes in for some doggie-style. That losers generous buttocks jiggle as her winner pushes her face down and her ass up. Then both winners get comfortable on the couch and make the losers sit on them and bounce. Theres some switching around from reverse cowgirl to regular cowgirl, then some more positions, some titty-fucking, some pussy-slapping, and a girl is forced to make herself cum. Good times.