Strip Prick-Prick-Bang with Cherry M and Savannah (ft Brad)

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Meet new girl Cherry M (not to be confused with Cherry), a platinum blonde whos here to challenge Savannah. The loser of this game surrenders her body as a plaything for Brad at least, that was the plan. The winner was supposed to just watch and enjoy the show. But this particular winner isnt much for sitting and watching. She got involved in a big way, taking charge and calling the shots.

The game was Prick-Prick-Bang. Theres this balloon with a bunch of sticks pressed against it. When its a girls turn, she rolls a three-sided twice: once to determine how many sticks she has to push into the balloon, and once to determine how many clicks she has to push each stick. The first girl to make to balloon pop loses. (Since the balloon sometimes pops when nobodys touching it, theres a five-second rule. After a girl finishes her turn, if the balloon pops within five seconds, she loses. Otherwise, her opponent loses.) This game makes the girls extremely nervous. They flinch as they push in their sticks and cringe away, and the tension is real. Brad has a great time watching the terrified girls as his eventual present gets unwrapped.

Since this game can take awhile, I only let the girls wear three articles of clothing, and both chose to go commando, wearing tops, bottoms, and bras, but no panties. This means it only takes two losses before Cherrys impressively large breasts and Savannahs more modest but still lovely charms are exposed. Both girls are also sporting some stark bikini tan lines. I know some folks dont like tan lines, but I like them just fine. They emphasize the fact that youre getting to see skin thats normally kept hidden, even at the beach. It takes about 25 minutes for the loser to be defeated and stripped, which still leaves 25 minutes for her to be dominated in the wild forfeit.

It starts with a blowjob, like it usually does. The loser hands her gum to Brad to hold as she moistens his cock and the winner strokes her hair. She manages to take a lot of Brads dick in her mouth but gags when she tries to take the whole thing. Its at this point that the winner gets tired of being on the sidelines and hikes up her skirt, ordering the loser to eat her pussy. The winner helpfully strokes Brads cock while the loser complies, then its back to the beej. No longer content with just stroking the losers hair, the winner forcibly pumps the losers head up and down as she sucks. Then the winner sits on the losers face and wriggles. She parks her asshole right on the losers nose and bounces. Brad eats her out for a bit, then its back to the blowjay. The winner, thoroughly turned on by this point, plays with her pussy as she watches.

Now Brad flips the loser over and enters her doggie-style, while the winner again makes her eat her pussy. Before too long, though, the winner wants some more novelty and orders the loser to eat her ass instead. And its at this point that the loser starts cumming, repeatedly and uncontrollably. Her face turns red and her eyes roll back in her head as the winner taunts her for losing control of her body and being forced to multiple orgasms. Brad is quite pleased with himself.

The winner orders Brad to flip the loser over once more and she grabs her tits as she cums yet again. She makes the loser get up, sweaty and exhausted, and suck some more dick while the winner plays with the losers sore pussy. Shes forced to keep sucking as she cums still one more time. Then the winner makes her sit on Brads cock and cum even more. Then more oral, and it ends with the loser having a chestful of Brads jizz.