Strip Mogadishu with Catherine and Isobel

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Okay, so lets talk about Mogadishu. I like this game, but Im prejudiced, since I made it up. Its just like Rock-Paper-Scissors, except with five throws instead of three. They are:

Earth: a closed (looks like Rock)
Air: a flat palm (looks like Paper)
Fire: two extended fingers (looks like Scissors)
These three, which look like Rock, Paper, and Scissors, work the same way too: Earth smothers Fire like Rock crushes Scissors, Fire consumes Air like Scissors cut Paper, and Air erodes Earth, like Paper covers Rock. Simple, right? The other two throws are:

Water: three extended fingers, like a W. Water quenches Fire, Water erodes Earth, Air evaporates Water.
Man: one extended finger. Man breathes Air, Man drinks Water, Fire burns Man, Earth crushes Man.
I dont think its all that complicated, but Ive gotten so many blank looks and puzzled stares from players when Ive tried to explain it. During games of Mogadishu, the players frequently have had to appeal to the crew to figure out what beats what. So I figured Id try the game with Catherine and Isobel, two of our smartest girls. Even so, youll still see them occasionally glance off camera for our ruling. Maybe I need to do a better job of explaining the rules.

But still, these are two very hot and very smart girls playing a stripping game for an embarrassingly revealing forfeit. The winner of each round gets to strip an article of clothing off the loser for added fun. The ultimate loser of the game has to endure the pussy pump and get her vajj inflated. Neither of these two has ever suffered the pump and both are apprehensive about it. And to make it even more exposing for the loser, she has to wear a thighbinder. Thats a strap that goes behind a girls neck and wraps around both of her thighs. It holds her legs back and apart, leaving her pussy completely open and vulnerable.

Because this is a fast-paced game, I let the girls wear six pieces of clothing each. (Even so, this one still went by fairly quickly.) In addition to tops, bottoms, bras, panties, and shoes, Catherine got to count her socks and Isobel got to count her hair tie. It starts with one player jumping out to an early lead, but her opponent comes back and makes a game of it.

In the end i feel like my vaginas going to explode! --The Loser