Strip Prick-Prick-Bang with Bailey, Kym, and Mina

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Three of my favorite girls are back to play one of my favorite games. Prick-Prick-Bang is a high-anxiety game. The girls squeal and flinch as they push in the sticks. The rule is that you lose if the balloon pops during your turn, and that can be very unpredictable. The only problem (which were working on) is that it can be pretty long. The girls were only allowed three pieces of clothing each and the game ended when the first girl was naked, yet it still lasted about 23 minutes. They were entertaining minutes, though, so Im not complaining too much.

The loser gets tied to the St. Andrews Cross and ticklevibed. Her armpits are tickled and her exposed pussy is vibrated. Shes tickled all over, with fingers and with mouth. She squirms so much that she actually breaks free of the restraints, which the winners didnt tie tight enough. They quickly bind her back up and resume the ticklevibe. When theyve had their fun, they walk off hand-in-hand, leaving their victim helplessly bound to the cross.