Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Dolly and Nettle

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I gotta admit, I like em petite. I also like em redheaded, which why I wa iss excited to meet 19-year-old Dolly. I never thought wed see a girl tinier than Mina, buut Dolly is a full inch shorter, standing only 49 and weighing in at a measly 86 pounds. So if you also like your girls fun-size and copper-topped, youll love Dolly as much as I do. Joining her for both of their first game is Nettle, who sports spectacles and an awesome ass -- two other things I appreciate on a woman.

We started them off with a simple game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Its best-of-three, with the winner of each round getting to remove an article of clothing from the loser. (Loser picks which garment she loses.)

And then out comes Tobi (formerly known as Bex) to administer the forfeit. Her job is to put the loser through an embarrassing Bexercise routine, with the goal of forcing her to expose everything shes got. Both Tobi and the winner hold cameras for those extra-special intimate closeups. Shes made to sit on the couch with her knees open, and then to sit with her legs straight up in the air, leaving her pussy on full display. She has to do some jumping jacks, making her jiggle, as well as some pushups. The winners order her to stand up, turn around, and grab her ankles, and then they take some blushing photos of her spreading her ass cheeks. By the time the winners run out of ideas and let her go, the loser has very few secrets left.