Strip Shockinaw with Savannah, Richard, and Cherry M

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Time for another shocking game of Shockinaw. Recap of the rules: each player holds a handle with a button on it. The game plays some sinister music while flashing a red light. As soon as the music stops and the light turns green, the players have to press their buttons. Last person to press their button gets an electric shock. Or if somebody presses the button early, while the music is still playing, they get a shock too, as one player found out when she accidentally pressed the button immediately. And needless to say, the shocked loser also has to surrender an article of clothing. And twirl. (Richard, not having a bra, gets to count his belt.)

They play until there are two naked losers, who then have to service the winner any way he or she wants.

The game lasts about nine minutes, and the entire rest of this video is dedicated to the winner getting their satisfaction.

The winner makes first one loser then the other eat their ass. Then the winner makes the losers engage in oral sex, pushing the givers head into the other losers crotch and you know what, its getting way too awkward to use non-spoiling non-gender-specific terms, so the rest of the description will be in spoiler tags. If you dont want spoilers: faces are ridden, asses are spanked, orgasms are forced.