Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Ashlyn, Richard, and Sharron

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I like the pump because its unfamiliar and a little frightening for the players. Well, this time weve got our first ever male player risking the pump, as weve brought along a penis pump as well as the pussy pump. The losers here not only get pumped, they get vibrated with the wand massager.

Three contestants play, only one wins. Its best-of-three rock-paper-scissors played king of the hill style. (Playing it that way, with the winner sticking around, maximizes the expected clothing loss and therefore exposed skin.) The winner gets to pick an article of the losers clothing and strip it off themselves, then the loser has to do a twirl and go to the back of the line. Initially, the girls are nice to their defeated opponents, taking their shoes first, but that ends when Richard wins and takes a girls shirt. The game is incredibly close and comes right down to the wire.

None of these people has ever used a genital pump before, so this is quite a new experience for them. Im going to put the description of the forfeit in spoiler tags to avoid revealing the winner obviously, the way the forfeit goes depends very much on whether theres a male loser.

We left the cameras rolling after everyone was done, so theres a bit of postroll. Enjoy!