Strip Shockinaw with Kimmy Lilly Savannah and Mina (ft Bob and Flynt)

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Shockinaw: the game where we get to see beautiful girls squeal in literal shock. I love this game, but I have to admit that this particular episode makes me a bit uneasy. One of these players is clearly better than the others, masterfully distracting the other players sort of like Dante did in Episode 435, but loses anyway thanks to what Id call cheating. The first girl to lose spends her time mucking around with the other players, trying to get them to lose. Trying to distract people is fine, but when shes licking them and fingering them, that may cross a line. She even feels the shock herself through her fingers in the eventual other losers pussy. She complains about unfairness and cheating, but is shouted down by the other players. As a direct result, she loses four in a row and is defeated after a 10-minute game.

The losers are placed at the mercy not only of the winners, but of Bob and Flynt, whove been eagerly awaiting this chance. The winners wield vibrators while the boys demand blowjobs. One of the boys tries to vibrate a loser but does a pretty poor job of it until one of the winners shows him how its done, with audible results. (He also somewhat ineptly tries to finger her ass.) A loser gets her ass vibrated, then the vibrator goes A2V, which seems unsanitary to me but thats what she gets for losing. Then Bob does one of the losers doggie-style before Flynt joins him for some good old-fashioned spit-roasting. Both losers are rolled onto their backs and vibrated with dicks in their mouths. Theres more fucking, more vibrating, more fingering, and then one of the winners puts a vibrating butt-plug up a losers ass while using the wand on her pussy. Her legs tremble uncontrollably and she nearly chokes on Flynts cock. And at this point, theres still a good 15 minutes to go.

More sucking, more fucking, and Bob pounds away so frantically it looks like the footage has been sped up. (It hasnt.) When he pulls out, the loser gushes liquid from her pussy, spasming uncontrollably. One of the winners whips out her smartphone and gets some great close-up shots. Bob gets more head while Flynt, having some performance issues, jerks it before dribbling a few gobs of cum on a losers face. There are loud slurping noises as one of the losers blows Bob right by the microphone and the other loser sucks his balls. Both losers get vibrated to the point of ecstasy, and one actually squirts. (This wasnt visible to the cameras but was audible to the microphones, and you can see her body arc and tense and the reactions of the others.) Shes lost it and cums over and over again while Bob fucks the other loser from behind before squirting all over her ass. The other loser, still flushed from her orgasms, licks it clean.