Strip Ballseye with Ashlyn and Sharron

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Ballseye. The game where players try to bounce balls into numbered targets. Not much more to say about it, really. The players are the lovely Ashlyn and Sharron. The forfeit is a doozy, but well get to that. The winner of each round gets to pick what the loser takes off, meaning that very quickly one girl is forced to play bottomless, her bare cheeks jiggling as she walks. She manages to stifle her embarrassment long enough to achieve a comeback, and this game turns out to be very close indeed.
The loser gets restrained in a thighbinder.Then the winner gradually inserts 4 Ben-Wa balls while vibrating the losers clit with a wand massager. (Note: they inaccurately call the massager by a trademarked name. We are not at all affiliated with the owners of that trademark.) (Also, please ignore the spelling Benoit in the title; its an Archer reference.) The losers hungry pussy devours the balls as she gasps. The winner keeps applying the vibe while tickling the losers very exposed asshole. (This should please at least one fan who has requested asshole ticking many many times on our blog.) The winner jiggles and tugs the string holding the Ben-Wa balls, and the loser cums hard on the balls. The balls are very wet as the winner pops them out one by one, each time making the loser shudder. And regardless of what they say about the nature of female ejaculate, the thick milky fluid that oozed out of the losers pussy after the balls were all popped out sure didnt look like pee to me.
After that sweaty ordeal, the loser felt the need for a shower. And the winner decided to join her. And they fooled around together in the shower. This is one of the things I love about keeping it real during these shoots. We didnt ask the girls to give us a shower scene, but they were horny so they got dirty in the shower with each other. I love this site.