Strip Splotzee with Ashlyn, Richard, and Sharron

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Ashlyn, Richard, and Sharron are back after their experiment with Swedish-made penis enlarger pumps to play a game with a forfeit that fulfills a long-standing customer request. All the way back in 2011 ((link) a fan requested that we use an armbinder as a forfeit. Now here it is, four years later, and weve finally done it. The loser of this one has his or her arms restrained behind their back with the armbinder, while the two winners tickle them without mercy.

The game is Splotzee, where the players each roll a set of ten dice trying to get them all to the same value. (Seems simple enough, but that didnt stop one of the players from having some difficulty understanding the rules.) Whoever finishes first gets to pick and remove a garment from whoever finishes last. The players wear four pieces of clothing each, with braless Richard getting to count his belt. As the game progresses and one players matching pink underwear is exposed, it becomes clear that one of them just isnt any good at this game.