Strip Stacky Fuckers with Dolly, Nettle, and Tobi

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Dolly and Nettle are back to play their third game. In their first game, the loser was forced to exhibit her naked body in graphic detail. In their second game, the loser had to sit on the couch and show us how she masturbates. Now theyre ready to take things a little farther, and joining them is far more experienced Tobi.. The loser is strapped to the St. Andrews Cross and assaulted by the winners, armed with two wand massagers. And theres one other punishment the loser endures, but Ill get to that.

This is a new game, Stacky Fuckers, and like many games we introduce for the first time, it was a bit flawed and needs some tweaks before its perfect. The game is played with a series of (sort of) anatomically-correct plastic figures. The girls take turns stacking them together, inserting various protuberances into various slots, using one hand only. Whoever knocks the stack over loses, and the winners get to choose something for her to take off.

Like I said, the game needs some tweaks, starting with a timer to make the girls hustle a bit. The first round lasts nearly 8 minutes. Then the girls start counting to 15 as a timer, but theyre not exactly consistent with their timing. As time goes by their count speeds up, plus they dont always start counting at 1. We need a real timer.

Despite this, it starts off looking like itll be a pretty quick game, with one girl having substantially worse luck than the others. Shes quickly naked except for her socks, then she loses those too. But the girls get better at the game with practice, and this leads me to another needed rule tweak: we need to insist that the girls use the hooks and pegs rather than just laying one of their stacky fuckers on top. Doing this, they manage to load all of them onto the pile without it falling and have to resort to rock-paper-scissors to determine a winner for the round. Also, the girls were wearing five pieces of clothing each, and they got to keep playing while naked. What was I thinking? It all adds up to a 33-minute game, which does drag a bit but is still entertaining, and there are plenty of bare tits to stare at while the game proceeds.
The loser gets strapped to the cross and the winners ready their massagers.They start by vibing her tits before moving on to her womanhood. She tries to resist but its no use. One of the winners whips out her cellphone camera as they turn the massagers up. It doesnt take long for the loser to shudder and climax, but its not enough for one of the winners, who keeps vibrating the losers sore and extremely sensitive pussy. Its too much for her, and she calls out a safeword.

But despite safewording, the losers ordeal is not over yet. She has to stay on the cross for the next game, which is Body Shots. The two winners will shoot darts at her as they compete against each other, as the very exposed loser blushes and squirms.