Strip Darts with Tobi and Penny ft. Jay and Johnny

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Tobi squares off against Penny in a simple game of darts. (Initially the electronic dartboard kept score automatically but the damn thing broke midway through and we had to go manual.) Each player tosses three darts, and whoever has the higher score wins, and gets to strip a garment from the loser. Instead of having a foul line, the players have to have part of their body touching the wall behind.
Penny and Tobi have met before.Both times, Penny wound up naked and humiliated, one time in full view of the public. She'd sure like revenge, and she has a chance to get it: whoever loses the game of darts gets double-teamed by Jay and Johnny. After the 10-minute game, during which Toby wins the prize for Best Off-the-Cuff Response Ever.
The loser is pretty bratty about losing.