Strip Body Shots with Nettle and Tobi (featuring Dolly)

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The game is Body Shots (although Dolly calls it Darts) and the various parts of Dollys anatomy are worth different points. Most of her body counts for 10 points, her tummy for 20, her breasts for 30, and her hoo-hah worth 40. For every 50 points you get, your opponent has to strip. Anything above the neck instantly costs you an article of clothing -- we didnt want Dolly to lose an eye or anything. Despite this, she still got it in the face twice. The arent very accurate, and she makes a very small target. In fact, Tobi, whos competitive and hilarious as always, feels a bit guilty about shooting such a tiny girl.

But dont feel too bad for Dolly. She gets to pick what the losers have to take off, and she makes them both get their tits out as soon as she can so at least she has the view of their bare breasts to console her while shes getting shot. And she has another consolation: after the game, shes released from confinement and both she and the winner put on strap-ons and spit-roast the loser. Shes never used a strap-on before and is quite excited by the opportunity.

We didnt use a line on the floor for the shooters to stand behind. Instead, each player had to keep some part of her body (usually her ass) touching the wall as she fired. And, since Im always looking to improve: we need a scoreboard. The players were constantly forgetting the score (perhaps because they were distracted by their own view of Dollys naked and increasingly paint-covered body) and having to count all the colored circles left on Dollys body by their darts. One girl happened to get two shots in the same place, which were subsequently counted as one, robbing her of 30 points. Fortunately, it didnt affect the eventual outcome.
After the winners strap on, the two-on-one begins, or as one of them puts it, this dick isnt going to suck itself! They start with the loser on all fours as one girl takes her mouth, the other her pussy, while she rubs her own clit. And I have to say, Dollys tiny ass looks great pumping away despite her inexperience. And she gets her payback for what shes endured. The winners switch places, then make the loser lie on her back and take the two strap-ons that way. One winner calls for a cellphone and gets some great angles with it. Then she lies on the ground with her dick pointing up and commands the loser to sit on it. She pulls her ass cheeks apart and slaps her ass hard enough to leave a handprint.