Strip Splotzee with Candle and Kandii

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Ill just say this right off the bat: this game needs to be retired or at least retooled. Splotzee (each player gets ten dice and keeps rolling some of them until they all show the same number) sounds good in principle, but in practice it means the girls spend much of the time looking down at the dice in silence. Still, theres no such thing as a bad game featuring everyones favorite punster, Candle. She squares off against Kandii in a game with a very revealing forfeit for the loser.

The winner of each round gets to strip an article of clothing from the loser, which almost turns out to be a problem when one winner accidentally drags down the losers tank top while removing her shirt, but the tank comes off the next round anyway.The game lasts for 9 minutes.
The loser first is placed in a thighbinder, a device for holding the victims thighs up and out. The winner is supposed to put the thighbinder on the loser, but at first, she totally fails. Then, once she gets it right, she fails with the pussy pump, which is the next phase of the torment. With her legs apart and her pussy totally exposed, she has to watch as her pussy is inflated, her lips getting puffy and swollen. After the initial fail, the winner finally gets it right and the graphic display begins, although the loser keeps trying to hit the pressure release valve. This particular pussy pump is transparent, providing an excellent view. The winner takes a nice sniff of the inside of the pump after its all over.