Strip Pod Stomp with Bailey and Desiree

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Meet new girl Desiree. Shes short, even next to Bailey. Shes got big natural breasts. Shes full-figured. And shes exotic. Were always looking to add new colors to our multicultural palette here at, and Desirees heritage goes back to the native peoples who lived in what is now Mexico in pre-Columbian days. Her mother can speak fairly good Nahuatl. (At least, she says so. I dont exactly demand to see genealogies before inviting a girl to play.) Shes up against Bailey, whos grown gradually punkier since weve met her. Desirees first game is Pod Stomp, which is too bad for her since she seems to have trouble following simple directions and with basic math. (Desiree, if you should happen to read this, I love you, and I know that you were a bit nervous and it affected your play.) Bailey, on the other hand, is pretty bad-ass at this game.
It only took 6 minutes, and then it was time for the forfeit. For a girls first time, I like to use a forfeit thats exposing, embarrassing, sexy but not too kinky. Dont want to scare the newbies off. So the loser of this one has to give us a show, spreading her legs and playing with her pusssy. The winner orders her to assume the position, with a leg cocked over the arm of an armchair, and start rubbin. The loser has a little trouble doing it, what with the winner, and all of you at home watching her. The winner grabs a camera and gets some neat close-ups of the losers stiffening nipples as her body responds to her fingers on and in her pussy. Despite that, I dont think she was able to really get into it and she has what Im pretty sure was a faked orgasm. (If Ive got this wrong, loser, I apologize, and I appreciate your animation and loudness when you cum.)
The loser of this one vowed to win the next one and get payback.
Bailey, by the way, was four months pregnant when this was filmed, which we didnt find out until later. She wasnt really showing yet, which will come as a relief to some of you and a disappointment to others. We all wish her and her the very best of health and good fortune.