Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors with Cierra and Gianna vs. Trace

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Three new players join the roster. Tall, full-figured (but by no means fat) Cierra teams up with small, vaguely Italian-looking brunette Gianna in a two-on-one game of Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors against Trace. If youre wondering why Trace is so scruffy, its because he was until recently serving in the United States Marine Corps, and he celebrated his return to civilian life by growing the righteous beard he wasnt allowed to grow as an active-duty Marine. Trace sustained multiple wounds in Afghanistan, and he has the battle scars to prove it. So essentially, if you dont buy this clip, the terrorists win.

Either Cierra or Gianna takes on Trace in a best-of-three match, with the loser having to strip. (If Trace wins, both girls must strip.) Then the girls swap places and the next girl faces Trace. The ultimate naked loser (or losers) must submit to whatever perverse desires the winners (or winner) may have. Trace is not very respectful to his female opponents, and they follow suit, giving as good as they get, although Gianna does seem a little intimidated. Shes also a little unclear on the concept: she keeps throwing a bit later than Trace yet keeps losing anyway. Some of the military background comes through as he barks orders to the girls about what clothes they should lose. Its not long before hes got all four tits out, Cierras big pillowy ones and Giannas cute little bitty ones. But the girls stage a comeback, and the game tightens up into a close, hard-fought battle. Traces hat doesnt count.
The game lasts about 8 minutes, which leaves more than 20 for the winner (or winners) to take his (or their) pleasure from the enslaved losers (or loser). Itd be all but impossible to talk about what happened during the forfeit without disclosing the winner (or winners), so most of the rest of this description will be in a big spoiler tag. Highlight to view, if you wish.