Strip Tossticles with Kasady and Monica

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Weve got a couple of new girls to introduce today. Theres cappuccino-skinned Monica, and theres Kasady, blonde and in braces. Both are very cute, but also a bit shy, nervous, and introverted for their first-ever appearance at It made for a bit of a quiet game, but they started to loosen up some by the end.
I also probably shouldve picked a simpler game than Tossticles for their first one; there was a bit of confusion about the rules and some difficulty counting. But the game goes on, the clothes come off, and after 14 minutes, the winner is Kasady, with her chest bared but her panties still on.
The loser has to masturbate with our buzzy yellow bullet vibrator. The winner makes her open her legs and drape them over the arms of a chair while she holds a camera to capture the moment. The loser rubs the vibe on her clit and gamely tries to get into it, but keeps remembering all the people watching her, which brings her back to reality. She penetrates her (somewhat hairy) pussy with the vibe while rubbing her clit with her hand, which seems to work better. She pulls out the (now moist) vibe and puts it back on her clit, changing it to a higher setting, which finally overcomes her embarrassment at being watched and she starts getting turned on, her pussy dripping. She alternates using the vibe and her hand, and ends up having an orgasm in front of everyone.