Strip High Card with Briella, Chanel, and Krystal

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Three new girls join the team. Theres bubbly blonde Krystal (not to be confused with Crystal), feisty blonde Briella (not to be confused with Brianna, and spunky Asian Chanel (not to be confused with a perfume.) If you like em, all three will be back for more later. For now, we started them with a nice simple game: Strip High Card. The winner gets to strip the loser, and since theres something about a totally nude girl in shoes, footwear comes off last.
The game lasts about 10 or 11 minutes, leaving nearly 20 minutes for the victors to torment the loser.
And they do. The loser gets strapped naked and spread to our Greyjoy Cross. (By the way, I love the cross but it does have some design flaws, namely that its too easy for the winners to leave the loser plenty of slack at the wrists. Well have to fix that.) To the losers misfortune, shes extremely ticklish, as the winners quickly discover and exploit. They bring out some wand massagers which they use all over the losers body, making her jump and shake whenever they get near her crotch. The winners tease her, vibing her inner thigh, as she fights not to get turned on. Its a losing struggle as the winners keep increasing the intensity and get her nipples super-sensitive. Her whole body is tingling and extremely sensitive, and she cant escape. The nearly naked bodies of the winners look great while they torture the poor loser.
Her spirit isnt broken, though, and she still resists being forced to orgasm, so the winners turn their vibes all the way up to maximum intensity but they still take their time and have fun, playing and tickling, rather than forcing her over the finish line as quickly as possible. This drives the loser into a frenzy, as her clit is vibed, then her feet, then back to her clit, then the back of her knee, then back to the clit you get the idea. After theyve had their fun, the winners take turns trying to make the loser cum. She tries to squirm away, but its no use. She strains against her bonds before shuddering and slumping back, left breathless and amazed that she was made to cum.