Strip Freeze with Desiree and Bailey

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Bailey returns to take Desiree through her second game.The loser had to masturbate in front of the winner. This time, the winner gets more intimately involved with the forfeit as she straps on and gives the loser a good rogering. They play a new game, Strip Freeze, which uses our new gadget Marvin. We made Marvin ourselves, and Im very proud of him. Warning: Im about to get nerdy-technical about Marvin. If youre not a nerd or just dont care, you should probably skip a paragraph. Ill explain the actual game after.
Marvin is equipped with two big buttons on top, two smaller ones on the back, plus a dial thats currently unused. For output, hes got a speaker and a row of 20 RGB LEDs, which can each independently set to any color in the 24-bit color space. Hes powered by an Arduino processor which is capable of controlling all this stuff. He was originally going to be much simpler, basically just a glorified timer, but when I saw what Arduino could do, I fell in love and kept adding features. Its very cool writing code that can interact with real-world things like LEDs and buttons. Marvin needs some improvements, which well get to in Marvin 2.0. (For starters, the lights dont show up nearly as well on camera as Id have liked.)
Anyway, Freeze is played thusly. Marvins two outer LEDs light up red, his two middle ones light up green, and the rest are blue. When a player presses a button, a virtual ball starts bouncing back and forth, gradually speeding up. The player presses a button again to freeze the ball. If it lands on red, the player loses and has to strip. If it lands on green, she wins and her opponent has to strip. If it lands on blue, the red area expands and its the next players turn. Simple right?

The game is exciting yet fast-paced, only lasting about 5 minutes. Desiree is at a bit of a disadvantage because shes not a gamer girl. (Later on, well meet Trinity, who is, and who demonstrates a very different level of skill.) I dont know if Bailey is a gamer girl, but shes pretty damn good at this, and it isnt long before Desirees skimpy thong and big, natural breasts are exposed. Shes also not helped by the fact that Bailey cheated, wearing five pieces of clothing to Desirees four. But Desi puts up a fight.
The losers body is very sensitive, and as the winner fucks her in missionary position, she cant help but rub her own clit. The winner wishes that everyone watching at home had the same great view she had, so we gave her a camera and she got some excellent close-ups of the losers pussy. (Sadly, we handed her the camera already zoomed in, and the winner was a little too busy to notice or fix it, so much of this footage was unusable, but we got what we could.)
The loser starts to get into it as the gleeful winner rolls her into doggie style and fucks her tiny pussy. The winner does a great job, considering that shes never used a strap-on before, and tries out several different positions. But I have to throw in a disclaimer here regarding what happened to the loser. I always tell the girls beforehand that we and the fans like to see real, genuine reactions. I never tell them to fake it, but some of the players take it upon themselves to fake their reactions anyway. I always try to give the girls the benefit of the doubt and I deelply apologize to the loser if Im wronging her, but Ive never seen a girl get so turned on from being titty-fucked. But maybe shes just super-sensitive there. You be the judge.
Theres some facefucking (including the use of some teeth -- careful there, loser, it wont always be latex!) and some fucking with the loser lying on the couch and the winner standing. At the end, the winners camera catches the losers face in the act of either cumming or faking it.