Strip Frenzy with Gianna and Cierra (ft Jay)

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Gianna and Cierra are back. They lost a close one when they tried to play as a team, now theyre trying as adversaries. The loser of this game gets taken not only by the winner but by Jay, who sprawls gleefully on the couch like Shao Kahn, waiting to see who will be his partner and who will be his plaything. The game is Strip Frenzy, another game using our new toy, Marvin. The way the game works is that the light bar lights up half red, half blue. The players frantically mash their buttons, with each mash making the bar move one light closer to the opponent. Whoever makes the whole bar light up her color is the winner. The loser strips an article of clothing of the winners choice.
Its at this point that I should throw in some bad Marvin news. Marvin looks great in person, but on camera his LEDs tend to blow out the light sensor and show up as white. If you squint and look really closely you can sort of tell what color is what, but its not easy. Fortunately, the audible cues from the game and the visual cues from the girlss expressions makes it possible to tell whats going on. Well hopefully fix this in Marvin 2.0.
One player takes an early lead, citing her Mario Party skillz. The other player demands that they switch sides, which they do, but its no use: she continues to be dominated. But hubris takes a toll as the better player starts showing off how good she is, and manages to lose a few rounds.
Afterward, Jay challenges the dominant player to a quick match and trounces her handily, proving that you shouldnt fuck with the master.
But you should fuck him, as the loser goes down on her knees to offer him a blowjob, while the winner straps on Big Jim Slade, our largest dildo. As the loser stands and bends over with Jays dick in her mouth and the winner takes position behind her, theres an interesting tricolor situation going on, with one girls milky-pale skin contrasting with the other girls tan, olive skin and Jays jet complexion. The winner is highly inexperienced with a strap on.
So she has some difficulty, but she manages to work it out, and the loser looks great as shes spit-roasted, sliding back and forth with the winners latex cock at one end and Jays real one at the other. Jay and the winner share an Eiffel tower, a sex term Id honestly never heard before now but which makes sense.
They then switch positions, with the winner stripping off her strap-on while Jay flips the loser onto her back. She, fully turned on by this point, spreads her legs invitingly while the winner squats on her face and makes her eat pussy. With the loser whimpering, legs in the air and open wide, the winner and Jay order her to hold back her orgasm. She does her best, but its no use: with Jay pumping away faster and faster, she moans and cums despite herself. Jay keeps going, making her whimper, although you cant see her face since the winner has it absolutely buried in her crotch. Shes then ordered to finish Jay off with her mouth. The winner helps out by playing with his balls until her groans and gives the loser a mouthful of his cum. She swallows most of it but shares some with the winner, whos more than a little turned on herself by this point.