Lily, Mary, and Amber play Strip Basketball (Bonus Scene)

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Sweet Lily Cameron. She's been here before, showing off her naked body in a public hot tub and opening her robe outside for all. But she's never, not once, touched or been touched sexually by another girl. That's about to change.

When I do a shoot with new players, I like to show them some of my previous work so they can get an idea of what sort of material I make. Last time, with new players Elise and Sean (coming soon!) I showed off Mary and Amber play Strip Mogadishu. Lily was there also and saw the video... and I could tell she was squirming a little by the end. She came up to me and whispered, "I could do that." Since then, she thought it over and decided it would be worth risking her girl-girl virginity for the chance to be the one wielding the massager against the helpless loser.

Mary and Amber are back to give Lily that chance. The rules are simple: make a free throw and you get to tell another player to take off a piece of clothing. If you're naked and you lose again, that's it for you. Bring on the handcuffs, and the vibrator, and the fingers and the lips as both other players gang up on the poor loser...

This clip is quite a bit longer than most, partly because the victim was fighting even harder than last time to avoid an orgasm (and almost succeeding, too... near the end the batteries were running down) and partly because one of the winners didn't realize that to properly restrain someone, handcuffs go behind the back. The loser was able to use her hands to fend off the assault before the winners got wise and started pinning her wrists. It's good stuff, but because of its length I'm presenting it at a special discount rate. Enjoy.