Lily and Aurianna play Strip 21

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Someday, billions of years from now, when entropy has increased to a maximum and the universe is a thin cloud of iron-56 near absolute zero, this clip will STILL. BE. HOT.

It's the grand finale of the series. In the last installment, Aurianna had to shave her bush. In this very special game of 21, the game doesn't end when you're naked... you can still bet your pussy. And if you lose, the winner gets to play with it as long as she wants.

Prior to this, Lily had not had much experience with other girls. In fact, her only other experience with other girls was for this site. And while Mary and Amber, I love 'em both, but the fact is, they're heterosexual. They just don't have much experience in playing with other girls.

Aurianna, on the other hand, is an accomplished lesbian, and she couldn't wait to have Lily's pussy for her plaything. Lily, on the other hand, was still excited from the othercome of her game of Jester with Aurianna and Danielle, and she didn't much mind the thought. Nevertheless she played a fair game and played to win.

When this episode was done, LilyandAurianna went off to Aurianna's room to fuck each other's brains out. Again, this is hot stuff. It doesn't feature much in the way of embarrassment (by this time, neither of these girls has much to hide)