Derek and Gina play Strip Jester

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Okay, let's talk about spanking forfeits. People like them... but the problem is that for the most part, the girls (and guys) who play at LostBetsGames are generally nice people. They don't like hurting other people much. So when I first started doing spanking forfeits, I got a lot of complaints that the spankings just weren't hard enough.

To everyone who complained: this one's for you.

In response to the complaints, I've started admonishing the players ahead of time that I wanted to see the winner deliver the spanking with a great deal of gusto. The winner this time around took my advice to heart. I swear to you, this is the time I came closest to interrupting a forfeit because I was seriously concerned about the poor loser's ass. By the time the winner was done, the poor loser's cheeks were enflamed and covered in angry welts. Then the winner obligingly rubbed on a citrus-based lotion. Ouch. Made me wince.