Wednesday, London, and Kimberly play Strip Rock-Paper-Scissors

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This game followed immediately after the last one... well, after the girls had a chance to get dressed and eat some pizza, that is. Be warned that this video contains a spoiler for the last one.

These three girls return to play rock-paper-scissors. The girls throw simultaneously, and if their throws are all the same or all different, it's a tie and they throw again. Otherwise, either one girl will beat the other two (and both must strip) or two girls will beat the other one (and she must strip twice.)

There's one glitch during the game caused by player error. I was initially going to cut it out but decided to leave it in... let me know if you think I made the right call. The girls play until there's one naked loser, and then the other two (rather gleefully) rub a bunch of ice cubes all over her naked breasts.