Strip Awesomeness with Mary, Lily, Addie, and Stacey

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Since I started lostbets, I've been surprised by many things, one of which is that I sometimes come home from a game convinced that it didn't go well, and then am very pleased with the final result. This is one of those times.

It's a new game, a game we've never seen before, whose name is a registered trademark but which I have named "Awesomeness". (The trademarked name is clearly visible in certain scenes of the video, so the producer wishes to make it clear that in no way is it affiliated with the good, good people at Milton Bradley, makers of many fine games, cheerful kind hearts who would never sue anyone.)

The game, with the rules we used, didn't work, no doubt about it. One of the girls complained constantly about the unfairness of it, and she have a point. A big part of the problem was the Sock of Disadvantage, but the rules were just badly broken. So I went home that day thinking, well, Strip Awesomeness sure didn't work out... there's a game I'll never be able to publish.

How wrong I was. Edited by Crosis's capable hands, this clip definitely makes my list of personal favorites It may not be most erotic, and it certainly did not have the most daring forfeit, but it's just plain fun to watch these girls at their game. The banter is hilarious, and completely candid. The girls are cute, and even more than Surgery, the Awesomeness board makes the girls squeal and jump. The bodies are hot, and the forfeit? Well, the two naked losers are going to each put on a performance... one will recite the alphabet backwards, while the other will sing the Star Spangled Banner. Oh, and the two winners will be groping them while they do it. (Is groping someone who's singing the national anthem unpatriotic? I'll leave that one for the philosophers.)