Estonian Roulette with Idelsy and Sienna

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Estonian Roulette?? WTF? I'll get to that.

First, please welcome two new girls to the LostBets family. Long-haired Latina Idelsy (you say it ee-DEL-see) faces off against statesque redhead Sienna, with the loser having to do a naked sprint up and down the hallway.

So, the game. This one was suggested by a commenter at our and I think it worked pretty well. He wanted to call it "Russian Roulette", but that name was already taken. In Russian Roulette, you take turns pulling the trigger of a revolver, and the first person to get his head blown off loses. That seems rather extreme... this game is a little less fatal. Each player takes turn rolling a bunch of dice. If a 6 shows up on any of them, that player is safe for the round, keeps one of the dice and passes the rest to the next player. If she fails to roll a 6, she's lost the round and has to take something off. Most of the Estonians I've known have been a bit more laid-back and relaxed than most of the Russians I've known, so I decided to call this one Estonian Roulette.