Guess What's Up My Ass with Julie, Mika, and Sammy

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Brand new game! This one was actually suggested by Julie, and I liked it enough to give it a try. Don't expect a whole lot of cutthroat out-for- competition... this one is more playful and tongue-in-cheek. Let me know if you think it works.

One girl puts on a blindfold. The other girls locate an object and place it between her cheeks. If the blindfolded girl can guess what it is, the other two have to strip. If not, she does. I gave them the run of my house in picking out the objects, a decision I'm still not sure about. My poor Xbox controller... among other things. If you hear a faint noise on the audio track sometimes, it's me praying that the dangerous objects they chose didn't lead to catastrophe. Oh well. I saved the cat toy... maybe someday I'll stick it on eBay.

The losers have to give the winner a lapdance... but really, this one is more about the game than the forfeit.