Strip Juggleballs with Kandie, Sassy, and Amber

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I gotta be honest, I think this might be one of the hottest videos I've published to date. Three girls play the new game of Juggleballs. They take turns bouncing a ball off a membrane for 30 seconds, and whoever gets the fewest bounces strips. Veteran (and fan fave) Kandie returns with a long-timer we haven't seen in awhile: Amber (Chase, not Heavens.) Joining them is new girl Sassy. More about her later.

As the game goes on, the ladies' sense of fair play slips a bit, and what's supposed to be a non-contact sport gets a little rough. The loser is delivered into Dante's hands, for him to do with her as he likes. And what does he like? Well... a couple of years ago, I published an episode where the loser got hit in the face with a pie. I couldn't resist the pun and put it in Category: CREAMPIE. Well, I'm proud to say that I've finally got an episode that legitimately fits that category.

Features a guest appearance by Thor the Shoodle. Sassy, by the way, was not supposed to play. She's Dante's girlfriend, and after much prodding, agreed to fill in for a no-show. I tell you this because it helps explain some of her reactions