200th Episode Spectacular (Bonus Scene)

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Episode 200! I really wanted to do something special, so I rounded up nine players (I was trying for more, but a few players bailed at the last minute) to play Screw-Your-Neighbor. Each time a player loses a piece of clothing, she (or he) must get up on the ottoman and twirl for us. The players keep playing when they're naked, only losing the game (and their dignity) after a further loss.

Because of these rules, the game took a long time. 65 minutes, in fact. I think it's worth it. Besides, the rules pretty much guarantee that we see a lot of naked flesh.

Seven girls. Two guys. Three losers (to make damn sure it's not a complete sausage-fest. The losers have to masturbate to orgasm for the winners... but first, to further humiliate them, the winners get to draw all over them with markers. And I have to say, of the many times I've used winners-draw-on-losers as a forfeit, this oen is far and away the best.

15 minutes of that followed by 10 minutes of group masturbation equals 90 minutes of goodness