Strip Noname with Ashley and Rainy

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Okay, I admit it, I cheated on this one a bit.

Meet new girl Rainy, who's here with Ashley and one other person, whom she's got inside of her. She said she was 9 months pregnant; I swear to God she looked more like she was 11 or 12. I was prepared to leap to the phone and dial 911 if she happened to go into labor during the game.

And I really wanted to see Ashley stick it to the prego chick, so I cheated a little. I hate rigging the games, but I'm still in charge of game selection, and this one is Noname. Ashley's played it before. Rainy hasn't. Ashley's fit, limber, and quick. Rainy's got to contend with a nearly full-grown baby sitting on her. I figured, it's a sure thing for Ashley, right? Well, these things often backfire. Did it this time?

I did say I wanted to see the winner "stick it to" the loser, right? Well, the winner gets to securely tie up the loser with rope, then fuck her silly with a strap-on. I love my job.