Strip Noname with Mika and Julie

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Okay, this one's a little different from the usual Lost Bets Games game and needs a little explanation.

These two were supposed to play a fair two-player game with the winner getting to do whatever she wants to the loser. So here's the thing. Mika and Julie had actually been dating for a few weeks, and before the game started, Mika told Julie exactly what she planned to do if she won: re-enact the first time they had sex, which was with a strap-on in a shower, on-camera. After that, any possibility of a really competitive game went out the window: Julie was flustered, excited, and horny, and was not really motivated to win. So if you're looking for a hard-fought struggle of a game, look elsewhere. There's plenty of that on Lost Bets Games, just not here.

If on the other hand, you're looking for a hot shower scene, featuring a girl who once upon a time was too blushingly embarrassed to even open her legs on camera getting plowed with a strap-on, step right up! (Actually, Mika called it a strap-on... to me, it looks like more of a clamp-on. I didn't see any straps, anyway.)

Just like the first time she opened her legs on camera, and the first time she lost and got vibrated to orgasm, Julie refused to let me be in the room while this was happening, so camera work courtesy of her friends Vince and Jaime.