The Pizza Trilogy, Episode II

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The pizza trilogy continues with a mammoth game of High Card, featuring seven girls playing to determine three losses who have to answer the door for the pizza guy naked. The high card each round gets to personally strip an article of clothing from the low card. I wasn't all that thrilled with the available camera angles from the first one, so this time, we stuck a camera outside. The pizza guy noticed it and waved at it, but I don't think he had any inkling of what was coming.

Something needs to be said about pizza guy forfeits. Usually, the point of the forfeit is to embarrass the loser (or losers), and you'd think that having to answer the door stark naked to greet a stranger would be super-embarrassing, right? Well, it is, but I've noticed an unusual phenomenon. When I say that the loser of the next game has to answer the door naked for the pizza guy, often I see eyes light up, lips part, and nipples poke through shirts. Sure, answering the door naked isn't something that these girls would ordinarily consider, but apparently if they have an excuse to do it, and no choice but to do it, they find it kind of exciting. Exciting enough that some of the girls who didn't lose nevertheless came to the door in whatever their state of undress to show off their goodies to the pizza guy, too.