Strip Mogadishu with Lily and RyAnne vs. YOU

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Lily's back, and she wants to play Strip Mogadishu against you. (Mogadishu? It's like Rock-Paper-Scissors, but with five different throws instead of three. Dangit, I used to have a really nice graphic that explained it. I'll have to see if I can find it.) The loser has to masturbate for the winner's viewing pleasure, and to sweeten the deal, she talks her friend RyAnne into being on her side.

RyAnne is a painfully hot redhead whose flaming hair is as natural as her 36DD boobs. She's not all that thrilled to play, but Lily can be extremely annoying until she gets her way. As the game goes on, she gets more and more pissed, as the skin is revealed and she has to face the very real prospect of having to masturbate in front of an audience. Want to know who won?

Folks, in my honest opinion, this is the best POV game I've done yet. If you like POV, don't miss this one.