Earth and Fire with Julie, Leilani, and Sammy (Bonus)

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Here's a brand-new game. Don't worry if you haven't heard of it before, I just made it up. Here's how it goes:

The three girls do a standard rock-paper-scissors/Mogadishu throw, but they can only throw rock (earth) or scissors (fire). If all three throw the same thing, they throw again. Otherwise, the one who doesn't match the other two loses the round. The point is really just to quickly pick a loser for the round so the real game begins.

The winners of each round get to do whatever they want to the loser for a period of time (at first 30 seconds, then they increase it to a minute). After time expires, they do another round and pick another loser to get the treatment. First girl to have an orgasm loses.

The loser of this one gets locked in a stockade and has her aching pussy mercilessly vibrated by the other two. She also has to be the Bunny in the forthcoming game of Pin the Tail on the Bunny... but that's another show. Wanna know who the loser was?