Pin the Tail on the Bunny

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This is the sequel to episode 222, Earth and Fire. Leilani lost, and as part of her penalty, she has to be the Bunny in this fun game. Wearing a pair of rabbit ears and nothing else, the Bunny scampers around the room, while Julie, Sammy, and Mika, wearing only underwear and blindfolds, try to find and catch her. The first girl to grab the Bunny and slap a puffy tail on her ass wins the round. The other two strip, and the game goes on until there's only one girl left.

The winner, as her reward, gets to fuck the Bunny with a strap-on. So this isn't exactly a high-stakes game: whoever wins, the Bunny's getting fucked regardless. And the winner chooses the share her prize with one of the other girls anyway. But it's sure a lot of fun to watch.