Strip Basketball with Lily and RyAnne

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This one is dedicated to the wet-and-messy fans at , who gave me valuable insight and suggestions on how to have a successful WAM scene. And in my opinion, the result is the most awesome wet-and-messy scene I've done so far, by a long shot. Thanks, guys.

Basketball. The rules are simple: make your shot, take a piece of clothing from your opponent. The loser has to stand naked in a pool while the victorious winner dumps insane quantities of sweet and sticky substances over her. It starts with half a gallon of heavy cream... and gentlemen, I never realized how hot it would be to see thick cream oozing over naked tits and ass until I saw it for myself. This is followed up by 1.5l of pancake syrup, and then not one but two jumbo-sized cans of cold, cold whipped cream. And then an entire quart of honey... and by the way, the folks who requested that a loser get messy stuff in her hair will not be disappointed. The giant bottle of chocolate syrup adds some nice contrast. And the whole thing is finished off with a couple of hudnred cherries. Finally, we get to see the loser doing her best to get all the goop off of her in the shower.