Battlestrip with Ashley and Candle

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Ashley and Candle are two of my most dynamic and hottest players. They're both overflowing with personality and the camera loves 'em. I figured that the two of them would hit it off great and putting them together would be a good idea. What do you think, was I right?

They play the new version of Battlestrip, first trying to sink each other's ships (and take each other's clothes), then trying to rescue their captured man to end the game. The loser of this one gets hit with a forfeit we've never used before. In honor of Candle, the winner lights a few candles then drip the hot was all over the loser's naked body. Ouch.

Need a spoiler? C'mon, do you really? They're both awesome, and seeing either of them lose (and either of them win) would be a treat.