Strip Noname with Xena and Zayda

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Okay, pay attention, this one is a little different from the usual. Meet Xena, slender geek girl. I don't usually go for tats, but Xena's upper body is covered with the nerdiest tattoos I've seen anywhere. We're talking Klingon, here. I hired her to do some clerical work, but I managed to talk her into playing some games, too. It wasn't easy. She was extremely shy and reluctant.

So shy and reluctant, in fact, that I just had to include as much of her reaction as possible. This video has a whole lot more "behind-the-scenes" footage than mine usually do, starting with Xena giving an inventory of her tattoos but including a bunch of off-camera dialogue between the players and the crew. Hear my dorky attempts to flirt with Xena. (Note: I don't have a chance.)

Considering how incredibly competitive Zayda is, and how terrified of losing Xena was, this was easily the hardest-fought game of Noname I've ever seen. The girls were flinging the pucks as hard as they could to make their opponent miss and have to scramble after them. The winner of each round got to personally strip the loser of an article of the winner's choice, so the skin comes out pretty quick.

Also uniquely for this game, the forfeit was handicapped. The loser had to get on the table and open her legs so we could get a good look. That was enough to set Xena's heart fluttering, but Zayda's been around a bit more, and a relativley tame forfeit like that wouldn't mean anything to her, so if she lost, the forfeit would also involve dildos.

Xena's forfeit also had a weird oddity. See, she said she had this fantasy about getting smacked around by a tall chick who swore at her in Italian as she did it. (No, I am not making this up.) Zayda happens to be of Italian extraction, so she agreed that if Xena lost, she'd make it a little easier for her by, well, smacking her around and cursing in Italian. Yeah, for real.