Strip Dice Section with Julie, Lumen, and Fern

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It's the second of our two Snow Day games, where we made the poor losers go out and suffer the rare Seattle snows we were experiencing. I don't think many people will contradict me when I say that these are three of our very cutest girls playing, with lucky Kyle getting to sit off to the side and be a spectator. (He also gets to help out with the forfeit. More on that later.)

They play a new game for us, where the girls take turns rolling dice down a series of terraced platforms. Each scores the value it rolls times a multiplier on the terrace it lands on. Lowest score strips. They play until there's just one loser. Then the winners get bundled up nice and warm, the winner stays stark naked, and they all go outside into the snow. Then the winners -- and Kyle -- pelt the loser with snowballs. She does her best to dodge, and even to retaliate, but she still ands up taking several good solid smacks with the cold projectiles. Brrr.