Strip Pod Stomp with Dahlia and Jacqueline

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Meet the girl next door. Literally.

Pretty redheaded Jacqueline moved into the house next door, and I am not making this up. When I told her about LostBets, she thought it sounded really cool, although she'd never done any sort of nude modeling or ever appeared naked on camera before. She was reluctant to give it a try herself, but when she found herself running short on the rent, she agreed to give it a try, bringing along her green-haired friend Dahlia.

Their first game is Pod Stomp, which neither had ever played before (not surprising.) It's a great game for getting the girls moving and bouncing, especially girls like Jacqueline, with her big natural boobies. The loser has to lie on the couch and masturbate. Although it was her first time naked on camera and she was blushing.